بسم‌الله الرحمن الرحیم


The jihadi cultural team of Hazrat Baqiyatullah (AS),  serving the pilgrims and the devotees of  Imams (as) in different cities of Iraq during Arbaeen period, accepts new members as servants from qualified registered people.

Please read the terms and conditions of membership carefully:


  1. Respected servants participating in the Arbaeen Servants plan and other programs of the jihadi cultural team of Hazrat Baqiyatullah (AS) are required to commit themselves to obey all the conditions and rules of jihadi cultural team of Hazrat Baqiyatullah (AS) and they should be the adornment of infallible Imams by their behavior and actions during the year and they are supposed to practice being permanent servants of the Ahl al-Bayt (AS) in every moment.

  2. Servants are suppoded to fill the registration form on this system completely and exactly, after receivinga code, they will be invited for a face-to-face interview and the final result will be announced to them via call and SMS. Only those who have fully registered in this system can be hired.

  3. Receiving the code is considered as the moral and legal confirmation of accuracy of the contents stated in the form and accepting all the consequences of not entering the stated contents correctly.

  4.  Uploading a high quality photo ID, as well as the first and second pages of the birth certificate and the first page of the passport are required for registration. The size of each of these images should not exceed 700 KB.

  5.  Due to having the minimum features of physical activity, the age limit for registering ladies is from those born from 1970 to 2000 BC.

  6.  Due to the special circumstances of Iraq and the servants, it is not possible for servants to have their babies with them.

  7.  Due to the special conditions of the Arbaeen days, servants should know that the atmosphere and conditions of serving are going to be difficult.

  8.  The service periods are seven days, during which it is not possible to leave the service under any circumstances. (If you plan to participate in hiking and pilgrimage or to visit other places and areas close to work and service, plan for other days before or after the selected period.)

  9. Due to the special circumstances in Iraq, one day increase to the interval before or after the announced period is possible, which will be requiredannounced to attend by announcing the collection of servants by the team. Depending on the need, tThe type and place of service of Godservants can be changed might change based on the need and attending the project means that servants will accepting it.

  10.  Servants are required to comply with the decisions of the relevant authoritiesy and accept that they following the rules of the collectionteam during their service period.

  11. To expedite and facilitate the registration and acceptance process, be sure to fully describe the name of the referrer or how to familiarize yourself you knew withabout the site

  12. If you need additional informationmore information is needed, the applicant willshould workcooperate closely with the campteam authorities.

  13. Announcements and rules will be available through the @Gbaghiyatallah & @ khademArbaein  channels, so it is essential to subscribe to these channels from the time you sign up.

  14. The transportation is the responsibility of the servants, and the team effortstries are being made to provide transportation, accommodation means, as well as and food during the project in Iraq.

  15. Any advertising activities ofabout the activities of this collectionteam by other groups or inunder theany name of other than this collectionteam is prohibitedillegal and people violation these rules are dismissed from the group without any prior notice. the activities of other people's thoughts, opinions and collections during the project are strictly prohibited and viewing will be a definite dismissal without prior notice; And itthe reserves the right to prosecute the criminal in thecourts competent authorities and has legal prosecution.

  16. It’s the best for servants to Aavoid dealingany harsh contact with pilgrims and  other servants and treat them with kindness and patience. Respect the laws of Iraq and Islamic laws.

  17. The esteemedselected servants  to serve during Arbaein who have succeeded in being present are boundsupposed to by the deliveryhand over of the work and the items related to the next shift in time, and willshould not leave their place of work until the full delivery.

  18.  If you do not confirm your information isn’t confirmed on the site in the Personal Messages section , they will let you know it via a message in your inbox (message box) on your user page will be notified to correct. Please refer to your site and user page againconstantly  beforeuntil you receiveing the confirmation message.

  19. Detailed rules are available through the user counter and must be read before the face-to-face interview.


I have studied the terms and conditions of membership and I am required accept to implement itthem.